Where are people moving to Bozeman, Montana from?

There’s no doubt Bozeman is growing! With national exposure about this great town and all it has to offer, people are flocking to live in Bozeman. This also has many people wondering, where are people moving to Bozeman from?
Take a look at the map below which indicates the in-migration to Gallatin County from 2009-2013. Interestingly, North Dakota, California, Washington, Oregon and Idaho are some of the most common locations people are moving from. But the map also reveals a wide range of state where people are moving from. It’s clear that people from all over the U.S. are interested in moving to Bozeman and Gallatin County.

in migration map to Bozeman Montana

Bozeman and Gallatin County See Continued Growth

It seems the secret is out about how great of a place Bozeman is to live. The winter brings a variety of fun activities to experience. Skiing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing are some local favorites. In the warm summer months hiking and river floats are enjoyable pastimes. We love living here and understand why so many others do too!
The lifestyle Bozeman has to offer is one of the main reasons people chose to move to the area. Bozeman’s downtown area has grown in recent years. Now offering high-quality dining options, and retail stores. Well-connected parks, biking and walking trails are also enjoyable. A culture of kind, friendly residents creates a welcoming community. Outsiders seem to find this particularly appealing.
Bozeman’s vibrant neighborhoods also attracts new residents. The downtown historic district features quaint homes. Many of the streets are lined with mature trees. A growing number of newer subdivisions offer homes with turn-key finishes and stylish designs. Many are located near to neighborhood parks. They also offer easy access to grocery and big box stores.
The attractiveness of Bozeman makes it a highly desirable place to live. This is indicated by the growing number of people moving to the area from all over the United States. Bozeman is a beautiful play to work, play and own a home.