RealVitalize With Coldwell Banker

We’re excited to share a new initiative from our partners at Coldwell Banker that covers the upfront costs of home improvements and repairs to prep your home for sale.

To start the process work with a dedicated RealVitalize project consultant, provided by HomeAdvisor, to identify vendors, schedule work, and handle payments. RealVitalize allows you to sell faster for a larger asking price.

How it works:

First, enroll your listing using the RealVitalize Online Enrollment App: by uploading the seller-signed Participation Agreement, which must be counter signed by a Broker. Allow 1-2 days for approval – note that there is no credit check required or lien placed on the property as part of the program application.

After being approved, you can reach out to your dedicated HomeAdvisor Project Consultant (PC) who will help you understand what work needs to be completed. From here you will review the scope of work with your seller to ensure it’s specific and detailed, covering exactly what work needs completed on the home.

Your PC will find vendors and schedule walkthroughs that are convenient for you and your seller. Typically one service provider is sourced per job. Once the walkthrough is complete, your PC will share the estimate with you and your client. If the quote is accepted, the PC will schedule work to begin!

Your service provider will complete the work on the listing, according to your seller’s schedule. The PC will handle all payments with vendors to make sure that they are paid a % upfront to begin work and will check in along the way to ensure work is progressing. Once the work is complete, your PC will confirm that your seller is satisfied with the quality befire releasing the final payment to the contractor.

Enjoy the sale:

You let us know when the home is under contract and at closing, the funds agreed to will be removed from the settlement proceeds! (No interest, no fees – just the money for the services provided.)

Seller benefits:

Sellers use RealVitalize to get a higher market offer with less time on the market with no upfront costs. Maximize selling price – Potentially quicker sale – Fewer delays to closing – The right partners make all the difference (quality, flexibility, simplicity)

How it compares:

No interest, hidden fees, or mark ups. No liens filed against property, and no pre-approval required (including the verification of title liens, credit, home equity etc.) Additionally there is no minimum or maximum housing price to enroll and no minimum project cost.

Popular RealVitalize services include:

Staging, appliance purchasing and installation, carpet cleaning and installation, kitchen and bathroom updates, handyman services, curb appeal enhancements, electrical upgrades, carpentry, cleaning and maid service, drywall and insulation, landscaping, plumbing, wall and ceiling repair & much more!