Local Industry & Job Market

If you are looking to move to Bozeman or the surrounding areas you should know what to expect when it comes to the job market. Being one of the biggest cities in the state of Montana, Bozeman has a varied job market with growing opportunities. 

The unemployment rate is well under that of the overall state, as well as the national unemployment rate. The city continues to grow, and along with it the job market giving hope to those considering moving here. 

There are opportunities to be found with big employers like Montana State University, which employs over 3000 people in Bozeman. The university is growing, which means frequent job openings and along with it the college culture creating more jobs in the service industry. Recently Bozeman has been making the news for becoming a tech hub, which brings more high paying jobs along with it. 

Overall, Bozeman is an amazing place to live with a healthy job market.