Bozeman Short Term Rental Regulations

Bozeman Short Term Rental Regulations

New regulations were put in place after more than a year of public review and 1,000 public comments. The Bozeman City Commission adopted regulations for Short Term Rentals (formerly known as extended stay lodgings or vacation rentals). After December 1, 2017 these new regulations took effect. Here is what you need to know about Bozeman Short Term Rental (STR) Regulations.

It is important to keep in mind that all new Short Term Rentals (STRs) must comply with the new regulations. If you had an STR previously approved prior to these new regulations, licensing needs to be renewed with the City or other agency. Short Term Rentals are only permitted within lawfully permitted dwellings and building and fire codes apply in addition to the STR regulations.

Registration and Renewal

A major component of the Bozeman Short Term Rental Regulations is registration and renewal. The STR regulations require each STR to maintain a current registration. Registered STR must renew their registration each year. If the STR’s registration lapses before renewal can be completed, the registration process must start over. It is important to stay on top of your renewal deadlines to avoid re-doing your registration!

The online Short Term Rental Registration Portal through the City of Bozeman website is now available. 

More to Consider 

When registering an STR, it is important to remember that the City of Bozeman registration process does not address every issue which may be applicable to operation of a short term rental. Additional items to consider include taxes, insurance, health code, and other legal issues outside of the City’s regulations. STR holders should also check mortgage or lease/rental terms, home owner covenants, and insurance policies as standard homeowner’s insurance may not cover short-term rental use. Check to make sure you have adequate home, personal property, and liability insurance.The City of Bozeman does not advise on issues related to short term rentals other than its own regulations. If you have tax, insurance, health code, or legal questions please consult an appropriate professional as the City of Bozeman does not advise on issues related to short term rentals other than its own regulations.

The City of Bozeman website has a helpful resource of answers to commonly asked questions.


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