Bozeman Montana Statistics and Information

Bozeman Montana statistics

Bozeman Montana Statistics and Information

These Bozeman Montana statistics prove there’s so many wonderful things going on in the area. From the climate to the people to outdoor recreation and beyond. There are innumerable reasons to love Bozeman, Montana!

Bozeman Montana Population

  • 2010 Census: 37,280
  • 2015 Estimate: 43,200

Bozeman Montana Statistics on Climate

In Bozeman on average there are 300 days of sunshine annually. Weather patterns can vary widely – even within one day it may be sunny, cloudy, windy and snowy.
– Annual average temperature: 43.95 F
– Annual average snowfall: 86 in
– Annual average precipitation: 18 in
– Elevation 4,820 ft.

Bozeman Montana Statistics on Unemployment

The unemployment rate in Bozeman is one of the lowest in the state at 2.7%. The driving economic growth industries are:

  • Housing
  • Technology
  • Bozeman Fiber initiative
  • Outdoor manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • General workforce
  • Montana State University

Bozeman Montana Statistics on Education

Montana State University is among the top colleges in the nation. Within the state, Montana State University is the largest research university and the largest research and development entity of any kind. The university is a big driver in the local economy and brings a great diversity of wonderful students to the community.

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Bozeman Montana Statistics on Recreation

Bozeman is surrounded by six different mountain ranges with with countless hiking, biking backcountry skiing opportunities. There are three private and two public golf courses and 21 parks in Bozeman. The entrance to Yellowstone National Park is only a 1.5 hour drive away and world-class skiing at Bridger Bowl is only 15 miles from downtown.