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Bozeman Cannery District

Bozeman Montana Cannery District

Development in Bozeman’s revitalized “Cannery District” began about 10 years ago, turning an old pea canning facility into what is now a hub for local businesses.  Recent development in the Cannery District aims to honor the original buildings while transforming them into functional, modern day versions of what they once used to be. Restaurants, retail businesses and office spaces are all part of what makes the Bozeman Cannery District a wonderful gathering place for residents and visitors alike.

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History of the Cannery District

The Bozeman Canning Company was opened in the summer of 1917. Canning operations included peas, beans, carrots and meat. The facility produced about 13,000 cases of peas each day. Between 3,000 and 3,500 acres were contracted by three to four growers to feed the cannery.

Canned peas from the facility were deemed the “peas that please” and distributed across the nation. The cannery was open 15-20 hours a day during peak harvest, employing 250-275 people. Because of the selective service draft during World War II, high school students and housewives were the backbone of the cannery workforce. Wages granted from $0.40/hour for unskilled jobs to $0.55/hour for jobs requiring special skills or heavy lifting.

Cannery District Growth

Developers have aimed to maintain the original charm of the existing canning buildings while transforming them into functional businesses and retail spaces. New buildings are also being constructed that complement the existing structures and bringing an overall eclectic feel to the area.

In an interview with KBZK news, Serena Rundberg, CEO of Inspired Madness, the restaurant company that operates Lot G and the Daily Coffee Bar, stated, “I think as a business owner it’s exciting to see growth in your neighborhood or in your district.”

“The way they are building and doing things is so responsible and so eclectic,” said Rundberd also said.

Bozeman Montana cannery district

Cannery District Businesses

Many of Bozeman’s most loved businesses and restaurants are located in the Cannery District including:

Seven Sushi

Spruce and Honey

Lot G Cafe

The Natural Baby Company

406 Brewing

Dean’s Zesty Booch

Amelia Anne Photography

Wildrye Distilling

• Fawn & Co.

Classic Skin

Epic Athletics

Casting for Recovery

Devil’s Toboggan 

For a full list of Bozeman Cannery District businesses, learn more.