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Amelia and Greg Smith of Smith & Co. Real Estate tell you all there is to know about living in Bozeman, Montana in the Bozeman Area Overview.

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From where to shop, eat, drink and play we share our insider knowledge. Additionally, learn about the real estate offerings in the area.

In this Bozeman Area Overview, you will learn all about how special of a community you will find in Bozeman, Montana. Bozeman sports a vibrant downtown, an open and welcoming community, and access to wild and open spaces are a few of the reasons why Bozeman is an incredible place to call home.

Bozeman sits at an elevation of 4,820 feet in the fertile Gallatin Valley. Bozeman is surrounded by many mountain ranges, including the Bridger, Gallatin, Madison, and Tobacco Root ranges.

Bozeman is the home of Montana State University, which is Montana’s largest university with an enrollment of almost 17,000 students. The Museum of the Rockies is a few blocks from campus, and is a world-class cultural and natural history museum and research facility.  It is renowned for displaying an extensive collection of dinosaur fossils, including the fully-mounted Montana’s T. rex skeleton!

Bozeman is only 93 miles away from Yellowstone National Park and there is so much to explore!
Bozeman has so much access to world-class outdoor recreation. From skiing at Bridger Bowl or Big Sky Resort, to fly fishing in the many rivers, and hiking on the sprawling network of trails in the area.

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