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Bozeman Airport Sets Passenger Record

Bozeman Airport Sets Passenger Record in 2017 With Nearly 1.2 Million Passengers

In 2017, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport set its 8th consecutive passenger record with almost 1.2 million passengers traveling through the airport. This continues to rank the Bozeman airport as the busiest airport in Montana.

Flying into and out of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport has never been more popular! As more and more travelers and tourists become aware of Bozeman’s appeal, they seem to be flocking to the area. With Bozeman’s proximity to Yellowstone National Park, some of the top Fly Fishing access in the United States and the vibrant downtown dining and shopping experiences, it’s no wonder so many people thought the country and the world.

Bozeman International Airport (BZN) handled 1,199,537 passengers in 2017. This is an increase of 8.3% compared to 2016 and is the eighth consecutive year of record-breaking passenger traffic. Since 2010 BZN passenger traffic has grown by over 500,000 passengers and this single airport accounts for 30% of all airline travelers coming to and from Montana.

The air traffic control tower handled 76,223 aircraft operations in 2017, which was a 0.9% decrease. Business Aviation operations increased 12.7% to 7,150.  General aviation accounts for 71% of aircraft operations at BZN.  Scheduled passenger and cargo airline service accounts for approximately 20% and business aviation accounts for the remaining 9% of all aircraft operations.

Passenger totals in and out by airline brand in 2017 were:

• Delta Air Lines – 438,912

• United Airlines – 424,756

• Alaska Airlines – 180,481

• American Airlines – 74,405

• Allegiant Air – 57,870

• Frontier Airlines – 18,700

• Chartered Airline Flights – 4,413  

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